Advantages of a Full-Service  Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Advantages of a Full-Service Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturer

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End-to-End Capability:
The process of new product development for many OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) can be very complex, filled with the potential for derailment or missed deadlines. That’s why it’s important to select a contract manufacturer with the right expertise who can drive the process from start to finish. An ideal partner will take the client through supply-line development and management, process qualification, product testing, final assembly, retail-ready packaging, and branding, if necessary.
Also, handling the drop shipping of the finished material or using a supply chain control system like “Kanban” helps free up client time and attention, and knowing that the job will be delivered properly and is on time is invaluable. “One-stop- shopping” with an experienced partner delivers peace-of-mind as well as convenience and cost efficiency.

Choosing a contract manufacturer with the expertise to guide a client from end-to-end is particularly important for specialty operations. These types of projects require expertise from a contract manufacturer with an extensive and diverse portfolio of client projects. A partner with a track record of success across and a wide range of output allows you to save costs by booking multiple orders within the same company.

Sourcing Quality:
A competent partner will qualify suppliers for every component it assembles. This is particularly important when it comes to ISO standards for risk management. The first step a partner should take is to verify the capacity and fiscal condition of the potential suppliers who will contribute to the finished assembly. Next, a bidding and qualification process vets suppliers’ stated claims about production capability. Your contract manufacturer should be working diligently on your behalf to make sure each source is the right source.

Project management plays a big role at this point, too. This means that the contract manufacturer’s scheduling, tracking, and inspection routines need to be in place to account for the items received—as well as the parts ready for distribution. Just imagine the hundreds of parts and pieces that comprise a subassembly or finished part. Your partner must demonstrate painstaking accuracy to bring it all together.

Vast Experience:
Your ideal partner will have a breadth of industry experience, gained from many sectors, that benefits your project directly. You’ll want repeatability, low error rates, and consistency from a team that has done it all before.

When it comes to design you should be able to lean heavily on a contract manufacturer to bring innovative, multidisciplinary approach to your project. For example, our experience with medical equipment enclosures and manufacturing taught us the need to take into account more than just the production strategy. Success for that industry requires us to consider regulatory controls that govern the end use of the products. You should expect engineering support to assist with the design and development of your project in ways that help you realize new cost savings or products improvements.

When you’re evaluating your new potential partner, they’ll demonstrate their technical know-how and capacity to meet your individual specifications and act as a personal liaison to all your business needs. But, that’s only part of a fully complete solution. The right contract manufacturer rounds out the offering with end-to-end services to guide your project from start to finish while ensuring the highest-quality of sourced parts are used. With these elements in place, your contract manufacturer’s contribution is hindsight.

New Trumpf TruLaser 3030!

New Trumpf TruLaser 3030!

Sound Manufacturing is continually looking at new equipment and automation to increase efficiencies. The decision to purchase the TruLaser was easy – the quality of TRUMPF machines is well known and, on top of that, we are familiar with the software and the process of the machines.Check out our pictures or read about the features of this new laser below!

TRUMPF’S TruLaser 3030 and 3040 combines innovative technology with reliable, high laser power up to 6000 watts! The TruLaser 3030 has a table size of 60”X120”. These machines offer one cutting head for all sheet thicknesses, a high laser power, compact installation option, and an outstanding price/performance ratio! Tube and pipe processing capability is offered with RotoLas options.

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What is ISO 9001: 2008?

What is ISO 9001: 2008?

What does ISO 9001:2008 mean?
In short, ISO 9001 is an example of a quality management system.

According to the 9000Store, “A quality management system (QMS) is a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution (production/development/service) in the core business area of an organization. (i.e. areas that can impact the organization’s ability to meet customer requirements.)”

“ISO 9001:2008 is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction so you must pay attention to the customer.”

A Quality Management System in its basic concept is quite simple. It seeks to,

  • Recognize interested party requirements including Licenses to Trade, guidelines, customer requirements, and the chosen management system standard(s).
  • Ensure that all requirements have been met.
  • Confirm that employees receive applicable training in the quality system requirements.
  • Determine processes, their interaction, inputs and outputs.
  • Produce records or evidence that system requirements have been met.
  • Measure, monitor and report the performance of the QMS.
  • Plan changes to the QMS and take actions to address risks and opportunities as a result of changes.
  • Perform internal audit to analyze the QMS and correct nonconformities.
  • Continually improve the QMS.

Meet an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company! Sound Manufacturing Inc.

STUFF Made in Connecticut

STUFF Made in Connecticut

Featuring Sound Manufacturing Inc.

Check Out the 2017 digital edition
Also, Check out the article below by Hartford Business Journal

“Welcome to STUFF Made in Connecticut”
By: Joe Zwiebel, President & Publisher
“Thousands of strong, stable and successful companies make things in Connecticut. Thousands of them. They are modern, technology-based firms, employing the most advanced techniques and tools. They successfully compete domestically and globally. Some are muscled-up public companies you have heard of, others are small, multi-generational family businesses, or maybe subsidiaries of international companies.

These organizations have a common problem. They are aggressively seeking career-oriented, next-generation workers to fuel their growth. They pay well. Really well. A first-year trainee might earn $60,000, with six-figure earnings not unusual for dedicated employees. And rather than you paying for your education, many of them will pay for you to learn more, and thus earn more. The manufacturers featured here in A Guide to STUFF Made in Connecticut want to get the word out to you. If you are technically inclined with basic math skills and are willing to work hard and learn, the future may be very promising for you. Right here in Connecticut.

Are you a high schooler, who suspects the time spent and debt taken for a conventional college degree is a poor choice? If you are ready to work hard and apply yourself, your future is promising indeed. Are you a returning veteran thinking about how to build your post-military career? The discipline, clarity of mission and commitment that served you while you served are highly attractive and sought after.

Nothing of real value comes easy. And it is hard to generalize about the requirements you’ll need to show up with to be considered for the many available positions. They run the gamut from high school graduate, to technical-college programs, to advanced engineering graduate degrees. But, as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Manufacturing is so important to our state and our economy; countless organizations are committed to helping you, and Connecticut’s manufacturers.”