How it’s Made! 1/10/19 @ 10pm

Monster Power Equipment and Sound Manufacturing are going to be featured on S-53c49fa63c748e554d4a5cbcc012aa537d285241

Tune in, Thursday, January 10th, 2019 at 10:00 pm (Eastern time zone) to learn about, How It’s Made: Leaf & Debris Vacuums.  The show will be airing on the Science Channel (SCI).

If you miss the segment you can check it out online after it airs,

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

All of us here at Sound and Monster would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and joyous New Year!

Sound Manufacturing is Moving

Sound Manufacturing is Moving

To Our Valued Customers:

I am very pleased to announce that Sound Manufacturing will be moving during the month of October. After a lengthy search, we found a building that is perfect for our operations. We have leased our current space for almost 12 years and excited to now own our new home.

Our new building is only 2.5 miles from our current location, on 1 Williams Lane, Old Saybrook, CT. The building is on the other side of the railway tracks behind the Old Saybrook Train Station.

We will be transitioning to our new building throughout the month of October. As machines are moved, our production team members will be moving with them. We have been and will continue to work 7 days a week to keep up with production to ensure a minimal impact on our customers.
Our phone number and email addresses will remain the same. We will be sending out an invitation to an open house event as soon as we are settled into the new building. We look forward to our continued partnerships with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me and our team members for any reason.

Thank you,
Kelli-Marie Vallieres, PhD
President / CEO

Minority-Owned Business CT Certification

Minority-Owned Business CT Certification

Sound is pleased to announce that we have received our Minority-Owned Business CT Certification!
View Our Certification

What is a Minority-Owned Business?
“The Supplier Diversity Program, also known as the Set-Aside Program (“Program”), assists Connecticut Small And Minority Businesses (SBE/MBE) to identify business opportunities for improved economic growth. The Program is also charged with establishing and administering the process for certification of Connecticut SBE/MBE companies.”

Why does this matter?
“All executive branch State agencies with a budget of more than $10,000 are required to make a good faith effort to set aside 25% of their purchases for certified small or minority business enterprises.”

“Companies that source Minority-Owned Businesses or suppliers often see the benefits of these symbiotic relationships come in the form of both state and federal tax breaks and incentives. There are numerous programs on both a federal level and state level that offer tax incentives for business that procure certified MBEs.”

Small- Minority- or Women-Owned Business Directory

“MBE Certification And How It Sets You Apart.” Cloud-Based Supplier Management Solutions | ConnXus,

ISO 9001:2015 Audit

ISO 9001:2015 Audit

Sound is pleased to announce we have successfully completed our ISO 9001:2015 audit and received our certification. Sound’s management system was found to be fully effective.

View Certificate Here:

Executive Summary:
“Sound Manufacturing has an excellent working culture. It is apparent that the senior staff is committed and engaged in the successes of their QMS. Company’s CEO engages employee’s continually and always strive’s for employee accountability and growth. Furthermore, the company’s CEO is proactive in seeking potential employees from local training programs and is very active in community-oriented activities. Sound Manufacturing displays a superb culture and it was evident throughout the audit that employees are aware of their contributions to a thriving QMS and are able to communicate their role within the QMS.”

Advantages of a Full-Service  Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Advantages of a Full-Service Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Download this PDF Here

End-to-End Capability:
The process of new product development for many OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) can be very complex, filled with the potential for derailment or missed deadlines. That’s why it’s important to select a contract manufacturer with the right expertise who can drive the process from start to finish. An ideal partner will take the client through supply-line development and management, process qualification, product testing, final assembly, retail-ready packaging, and branding, if necessary.
Also, handling the drop shipping of the finished material or using a supply chain control system like “Kanban” helps free up client time and attention, and knowing that the job will be delivered properly and is on time is invaluable. “One-stop- shopping” with an experienced partner delivers peace-of-mind as well as convenience and cost efficiency.

Choosing a contract manufacturer with the expertise to guide a client from end-to-end is particularly important for specialty operations. These types of projects require expertise from a contract manufacturer with an extensive and diverse portfolio of client projects. A partner with a track record of success across and a wide range of output allows you to save costs by booking multiple orders within the same company.

Sourcing Quality:
A competent partner will qualify suppliers for every component it assembles. This is particularly important when it comes to ISO standards for risk management. The first step a partner should take is to verify the capacity and fiscal condition of the potential suppliers who will contribute to the finished assembly. Next, a bidding and qualification process vets suppliers’ stated claims about production capability. Your contract manufacturer should be working diligently on your behalf to make sure each source is the right source.

Project management plays a big role at this point, too. This means that the contract manufacturer’s scheduling, tracking, and inspection routines need to be in place to account for the items received—as well as the parts ready for distribution. Just imagine the hundreds of parts and pieces that comprise a subassembly or finished part. Your partner must demonstrate painstaking accuracy to bring it all together.

Vast Experience:
Your ideal partner will have a breadth of industry experience, gained from many sectors, that benefits your project directly. You’ll want repeatability, low error rates, and consistency from a team that has done it all before.

When it comes to design you should be able to lean heavily on a contract manufacturer to bring innovative, multidisciplinary approach to your project. For example, our experience with medical equipment enclosures and manufacturing taught us the need to take into account more than just the production strategy. Success for that industry requires us to consider regulatory controls that govern the end use of the products. You should expect engineering support to assist with the design and development of your project in ways that help you realize new cost savings or products improvements.

When you’re evaluating your new potential partner, they’ll demonstrate their technical know-how and capacity to meet your individual specifications and act as a personal liaison to all your business needs. But, that’s only part of a fully complete solution. The right contract manufacturer rounds out the offering with end-to-end services to guide your project from start to finish while ensuring the highest-quality of sourced parts are used. With these elements in place, your contract manufacturer’s contribution is hindsight.

New Trumpf TruLaser 3030!

New Trumpf TruLaser 3030!

Sound Manufacturing is continually looking at new equipment and automation to increase efficiencies. The decision to purchase the TruLaser was easy – the quality of TRUMPF machines is well known and, on top of that, we are familiar with the software and the process of the machines.Check out our pictures or read about the features of this new laser below!

TRUMPF’S TruLaser 3030 and 3040 combines innovative technology with reliable, high laser power up to 6000 watts! The TruLaser 3030 has a table size of 60”X120”. These machines offer one cutting head for all sheet thicknesses, a high laser power, compact installation option, and an outstanding price/performance ratio! Tube and pipe processing capability is offered with RotoLas options.

Want to know more check out our Resource Library!